Work with social media? You should take notice of this trend

By February 24, 2016 Digital Marketing

Working with social media requires awareness and adaptability, as digital platforms change at such rapid pace. With that being said, staying on top of change is necessary for survival in this industry-here is some interesting information that will surely cause the social media world to pay close attention to. recently published an article “What’s hot (and not) in social media” on the decline of Twitter and rapid ascendence of Instagram.

Instagram will be six-years-old this year, and it is short time of existence, the picture and video social media platform has done something quite remarkable. Instagram is now the second most-used social media platform in the United States, only behind Facebook, surpassing Twitter and outpacing Pinterest.

Instagram has more than 77 million users and with the increasing influence of social marketing on consumer’s purchasing decisions, Instagram serves as a platform for companies to provide visual marketing and content to an ever-growing population. More specifically, Instagram has witnessed a 60% increase in users since 2014, and now boasts more than 25 million users than its 140-character counterpart. As this trend continues, companies should be focusing on how to capitalize on Instagram’s growth, whether through paid or organic marketing campaigns.

25 million users can be a difference of millions of dollars in revenue, and a positive or negative return-on-investment. How does your company invest its time, money and effort into social media?