Word of Mouth in the Digital Age – Solar Liberty’s Customers Say it Best

You may have heard the saying “word of mouth is the best form of advertising.”  We believe that to be true, and after face-to-face communication, video is the most effective medium to influence a target audience. Our client, Solar Liberty excels not only in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems, but also in customer service.  Needless to say, they have a great number of satisfied customers willing to spread the word about Solar Liberty.  Abbey Mecca took the lead in development and production of a web series of videos featuring Solar Liberty customers talking about their experiences, their transition to solar power, and what it means to become ‘energy independent’.

Solar Liberty Customers Were Eager to Participate 

Our digital marketing team developed a series of client testimonial videos featuring Solar Liberty customers that have chosen to go solar and install arrays on their homes. Each video was shot, directed and edited at Abbey Mecca. The videos feature on-location client interviews, environmental, and aerial shots from our Abbey Mecca AIR drone. Solar Liberty is using the customer testimonial videos across multiple digital channels including website, digital advertising and in social media.  Shot in 4K, the video elements were also repurposed for use in television advertising.

Levine Testimonial

Verhague Testimonial

Sanacore Testimonial

Schwert Testimonial

Lewandowski Testimonial

Drone Video Was Critical in Production

Using our UAV video drone (aka – AIR), Abbey Mecca captured scenes that display the size of the various residential solar energy systems. For example, Solar Liberty recently completed one of the largest residential solar installations in New York state near Lockport, NY. Our drone enabled us to capture the scale of the solar ground mount system at a perspective that few can observe otherwise.

Additionally, panoramic aerial views taken as the sun rose were incorporated throughout the testimonial videos. The elevated view complements the overall message in the client testimonials and reinforces significant impact of going solar.

About Solar Liberty

Solar Liberty is committed to promoting energy independence through widespread installation of solar electric systems with a focus on engineering for system optimization. Solar Liberty further promotes the technology through wholesale distribution of photovoltaic (PV) solar components.

Solar Liberty was founded in 2003, by brothers Adam Rizzo and Nathan Rizzo. The company grew quickly and was recognized by Inc. magazine on the list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2008, ranking 92 in the country and 5th among energy companies. Solar Liberty is the largest solar installer in New York State powered by a team of enthusiastic people who share the common vision of spreading renewable energy for a brighter future.