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PortX Logistics or “Port X” as they are referred to by employees, customers, and Abbey Mecca, is a transportation company that specializes in expediting containerized cargo throughout the U.S. and Canada. They are also our neighbor with headquarters at 95 Perry Street in the Historic Cobblestone District of Buffalo, New York.

Recently, Abbey Mecca worked with Port X to help them reimagine the package of promotional items the company sends to clients and prospects. “Staying top-of-mind with our customers and prospects is critical to our marketing. We are in a very competitive business so we send this package to decision makers as a way to literally stay in front of them,” commented Tom Zeis, one of the founders and partners at Port X.

The initial packaging for the Port X box did the job.  The branded items inside were great, but the appearance fell a little flat when it came to making an impressive first impression. Paul Maurer, art director for Abbey Mecca had some ideas starting with the outer box.  Port X was using a generic brown cardboard box with Post stickers for branding.  Paul researched and sourced a stock paper box in black that would provide a much cleaner presentation and work well with the existing Port X stickers. Since the box was a stock item, Port X could order just the quantity they needed – reducing waste and excess inventory.

Paul also recommended Port X use a laser cut foam, custom insert to keep the Port X branded contents of the box organized. “Port X is  great company with great attention to detail in everything they do. We felt it was important for this promotional package to reinforce this attribute about Port X.” commented Maurer. “We needed the box to be sharp, professional, impressive and also cost-effective.”

In addition, Port X asked Abbey Mecca to redesign their general brochure which is a centerpiece of the promotional box. The brochures were  digitally printed and feature a soft-touch cover.

The new box checked all the boxes (we couldn’t resist) and met with excitement from Port X staff and customers.

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