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This Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. After yet another heart-breaking season ending for Buffalo, we are sad that it is not the Bills we will be cheering on in this year’s big game. There’s always next year….right?

On a brighter note, we are looking forward to tuning in for the advertisements and half-time performance by Usher. Last year’s Super Bowl set a record as the most-watched program in U.S. history, with an average audience of 115.1 million viewers, according to Forbes. The stakes are high for brands participating in Super Bowl LVIII, and airtime prices have reached record-breaking levels.

According to Yahoo Sports, brands will pay a record $7 million to snag a 30-second commercial slot for this year’s SuperBowl. That’s $233,333 per second of airtime. The cost of ad slots has increased $16,371 since the first Super Bowl was played in 1967, Front Office Sports reports. The first 30-second ad for Super Bowl I, Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs cost $42,500, which would be around $372,390 today, adjusted for inflation. 

With advertisers investing heavily, it’s crucial they create memorable ads that stand out from the competition. Thanks to social media, we’ve had the opportunity to preview some teasers and full commercials before the big game. Our team at Abbey Mecca has chosen our favorite spots from what we have viewed so far. Keep reading to find out what our favorite commercials are and why they resonated with us!

Dan’s Selections:

I have two favorite spots. Call me old fashioned, but the Budweiser spot from FCB New York featuring the Clydesdales saving the day is one of my top picks. It’s iconic and extremely well-produced.  Sure the story is a bit corny but most Super Bowl ads are.  Budweiser was wise to stay with this winning formula.  

My other favorite is the Agent State Farm thriller featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger for the insurance giant. The best part about this spot is Arnold’s willingness to make fun of himself and his Austrian accent that turned the State Farm tagline, Like a Good Neighbor into Like a Good Neighbaaa. The spot is fun to watch and it delivers the brand message.

Honorable mention to BetMGM for their spot with Vince Vaughn and Tom Brady.  Funny spot from Highdive that makes the most of Vaughn’s persona while simultaneously making fun of Brady and delivering the brand message. (As a Bills fan, I really like Vince Vaughn making fun of Brady)

Melissa’s Choice & Belle’s Bite: 

The Clydesdales are iconic and have made it to the “Big Game” of commercials, 46 times – impressive to say the least but also says a lot about the Budweiser brand which has been a staple for over a century. Budweiser is so good at telling this story of perseverance and coming together in a very nostalgic but yet, very cute way. A snowy scene set in a small/local town and the Clydesdales & their trusty sidekick Yellow Lab Retriever are the beloved heroes, once again. 

Paul’s Pick:


Google Pixel 8’s spot following the life of a visually impaired man using his phone to take selfies was creative, emotional, and is a relevant topic in today’s digital world. More websites and apps are moving towards accessibility – most notably in compliance with ADA and WCAG standards. Personally, as my first child is on the way, this ad hit close to home and leaves a lasting memory of the brand …it also helps that I’m an android user – ANDROID RULES!

Sean’s Selection: 


My favorite was the Bud Light Genie commercial. From a visual perspective, I thought the use of Robotic camera arm movements and match cuts really brought the spot to life, and helped to re-establish the brand as a football/party centric beer. I loved that in the garage scene to open, our beloved Buffalo Bills are playing in the background. That said, paying more attention to it, I noticed a mistake! The same play happens multiple times on the TV, and sometimes, they just flipped the image, so it looked like a different play!

Maggie’s Take: 


My favorite was Pringles spot, “Chris Pratt Becomes Mr. P for Pringles.” In this spot, a cashier tells Chris Pratt he looks just like Mr. Pringles, and posts a photo of him to social media. The photo quickly goes viral, with everyone beginning to jump on the trend that Chris Prat is “Mr. Pringles.” Chris Pratt even starts to believe it himself, and when he scans his phone’s Facial recognition ID to the face on the pringles box, it unlocks his phone. I thought the spot was super clever and funny. Also, as someone who works in social media, I appreciate that they showed an example of how fast a trend can take over the internet!

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