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Only 2 more days until Super Bowl LVII. Today, we are featuring Abbey Mecca’s Video Producer, Sean Donovan, with his selections for favorite and least favorite Super Bowl LVII commercials. Discover which campaign stood out to Sean the most for its creativity, as well as which brand he thought fell flat this year, and missed the mark.

Favorite: GM | Netflix 

My favorite superbowl ad was the surprising Netflix and GM colab. Two brands otherwise never associated together, came together and created a campaign that promotes brand standards and initiatives, while also being relatable to a wide audience. 

For GM this is one of the most creative ways to promote an otherwise saturated market for electric vehicles ads. Partnering with Netflix, they were able to display their vehicles featured in some of the most popular shows of last year, Stranger Things and Squid games, and many other fan favorites. Last year, the two shows combined for almost 7 billion viewing hours, connecting to a LARGE audience. 

For Netflix, the opportunity to partner with GM demonstrates their company beliefs on the future of energy and global conservation. Although the ad is better suited towards GM, Netflix still walks away a winner in the eyes of the EV movement. 

Least Favorite: T Mobile “Tell us More”

My least favorite was T Mobile’s “tell us more.” I don’t particularly think there is anything wrong with the spot, but T Mobile has set some high standards for Super Bowl ads in the past. I don’t believe they lived up to this year. In the past they have had legendary SB spots, such as Steve Harveys “I have to apologize…Again.” I think their ad will be unmemorable this year and will be drowned out by others.

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