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Abbey Mecca’s Content Marketing Coordinator, Maggie Attea, has made her choices for her favorite and least favorite Super Bowl LVII commercials. Find out what commercial Maggie thought was strong in its creative approach and likeability, as well as which ad she felt lacked direction.

Favorite: PopCorners: Breaking Good

I loved the hit TV show Breaking Bad, so seeing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman reuniting together was very exciting! The commercial was clever, as it ties in popcorners with elements from the show. Walter teaching Jesse how to make popcorners in place of what is typically crystal meth was pretty funny.  I am also a big fan of popcorners so this was a wonderful collaboration to see. Very well done!

Least Favorite: Paramount | A Mountain of Entertainment

My least favorite Super Bowl LVII commercial was Paramount’s A Mountain of Entertainment. I felt it was trying too hard, and it seemed like they were attempting to do too much at once. Instead of narrowing in on the star, Sylvester Stallone, they added in too many different characters, and animated characters for the audience to focus on. I think if they stuck to a simpler approach it would have been funnier, and easier to comprehend. 

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