Abbey Mecca & Co. take on Super Bowl 50 ads

By February 8, 2016 May 5th, 2016 Advertising

Millions of dollars and views later, confetti from Super Bowl 50 and the hype surrounding the ads have finally settled.

According to Media Life Magazine, Super Bowl 50 received an average rating of 49.0, the second highest rating in television history, behind last year’s Super Bowl 49, which earned a 49.7 rating. In addition to its strong market-metered rating, almost three quarters of all households in the United States tuned in to watch this year’s Super Bowl.

Presented with a massive audience, companies were given an opportunity to market their brand on television’s largest stage, and some did better than others. Companies such as Doritos received high praise for its #CrashtheSuperBowl ads, while companies like PayPal encountered a wave of criticism for its “new money vs old money” ad. released its five best and worst advertisements from Super Bowl 50. Ads that received positive feedback include Heinz, T-Mobile and Jeep. Ads that landed on the infamous ‘worst’ list include companies such as Quicken Loans, Skittles and LG.

Here at Abbey Mecca & Co., we chose to take on a positive approach reviewing Super Bowl 50 ads, and were asked to choose our favorite ads from Super Bowl 50. Take a look at our selections below:


Daniel Mecca President

Puppy Monkey Baby/Mountain Dew Ad

The family reacted hilariously to the commercial, copying and reenacting the advertisement to drive each other crazy.





Paul Maurer Graphic Design

Paul Maurer Graphic Designer

T-Mobile/Steve Harvey Ad

It was funny commercial that was well-played with a parody of Verizon’s original “colored balls” to highlight the speed of its wireless network. Taking advantage of Steve Harvey’s Ms. Universe mishap only made the commercial better.





Melissa Keith Media Planner/Buyer

Melissa Keith Media Planner/Buyer

Heinz Ketchup Weiner Dogs Ad

WARNING: Healthy obsession with dogs

I loved the dogs and how cute the puppies were running through the fields in hot dog suits. The weiner dogs stole the show.





Trisha Hulbert Graphic Design intern

Toyota Prius Ad

I didn’t expect the Prius to be a popular car and I was surprised with the high-speed chase. The ad made me think about the Prius and how it has changed. It was funny to see the excitement on the little kid’s face when given a toy model Prius for his birthday.






Brandon Borden Social Media intern

Audi R8 Big Game Ad

Audi won me over during Super Bowl 50 with its 90-second video featuring a retired astronaut that struggles to adapt to “life on earth”. “Starman” a 1972 track by the late David Bowie was the icing on the cake.





Which Super Bowl 50 ad was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts.