Solar Liberty Vehicles Receive ‘Green Treatment’

By May 11, 2016 June 8th, 2016 Branding

As a leading solar energy company, Solar Liberty Energy Systems wanted to make a statement when it was time to add a new 2016 Chevy Volt to the company fleet.  Solar Liberty asked Abbey Mecca to come up with a way to use it’s newest car in a way that would promote the brand.

With a blank canvas, the Abbey Mecca creative team designed the graphics for the Volt, along with other Solar Liberty vehicles to fully-integrate the new vehicles into the corporate branding.  The new ride not only looks great, but provides Solar Liberty with a mobile billboard.

Solar Liberty’s Chevy Volt is decked out in a vinyl  blue overlay and supplemented with solar green details, similar to earlier generation vehicles.

Solar Liberty Car Wrapping

The company logo was placed on both sides of the car, as well as on the hood, assuring drivers and passengers alike, the opportunity to recognize Solar Liberty. The website was also placed on both sides, while the final placement of the website rests right above the bumper of the car.

Solar Liberty Chevy volt Wrapping

Solar Liberty’s marketing phrase, “Go Solar” is positioned strategically near the tail lights, allowing the reader to see all that the car has to offer. “Go Solar” is also featured on the roof of the car.

Solar Liberty Truck Wrapping

In addition, we designed the Solar Liberty pickup truck, a Chevy 2500, in a similar fashion, with ‘Go Solar’ across the length of the bed of the truck. The creative design layout is consistent between the Chevy Volt and the 2500.

In addition to the Chevy Volt and 2500 car wrappings, Abbey Mecca also designed full-wraps for Solar Liberty’s two box trucks and production is set to begin soon.

Solar Liberty was founded in 2003, by brothers Adam Rizzo and Nathan Rizzo. The company grew quickly and was recognized by Inc. magazine on the list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2008, ranking 92 in the country and 5th among energy companies. Visit the website here.