Establishing & Maintaining Your Social Media Reputation Pays Off

By March 23, 2017 Public Relations
Social Media Reputation builds trust

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. Embracing interactions with customers and stakeholders is now a necessary piece of a brand’s reputation. Experience dictates, there are no shortcuts in the world of ‘community management’ otherwise known as ‘social media reputation management’. Reputation management can, and will protect your brand, deliver positively on your bottom line, and strengthen customer loyalty to your brand. So how does this translate into action?  Here are some examples and benefits of maintaining a genuine social media reputation:

Responding Appropriately

Your customer is human, so treat them like they are. While larger brands employ chat bots (that fail to solve the situation at hand) or have scripted messages, that may not improve your customer’s situation. Chat bots have a long way to go before they can be employed to solve complex problems brought to our attention by our customers.

Provide a human response that is specific to the situation at hand. Crafting real-time, thought out messages are important for building your social media presence. Taking time to craft a genuine response is an important factor for customers because they feel valued. It speaks volumes to your bottom line and builds brand equity.

You should always respond mentioning the customer’s name, and

Follow Through With What You Say

There have been many instances when a customer reaches out to a brand through social media and the company provides a response along the lines of “we’re looking into this” and never follows up with the customer to provide an update on the situation.

For example, a few weeks ago, while we were managing our client’s Facebook page, the client received a message about the condition of their food when it was served and we explained that we were looking into the situation.

But we didn’t stop there. We sent a follow up message explaining what the client has done to correct, and prevent the situation from happening again, Not only was the customer asked to visit again, but they were also given a gift card to encourage their patronage.

So, what happened next? The customer returned, enjoyed his food and service, then he reached out to us voicing his satisfaction, respect and his eagerness to return after we went above and beyond the typical social media response.

Tips on maintaining your social media reputation:

  1. Post content regularly and engage with your audience
  2. Use a social media curating service (Hootsuite or Sprout) to gather posts that mention your brand
  3. Have a plan and set goals to increase positive brand equity