Social Media & Content Marketing – A Winning Recipe For The Original Pancake House Of Western New York

By September 23, 2016 October 18th, 2016 Case Study, Digital Marketing

The Original Pancake House of Western New York has proudly served the community for more than 39 years and we are proud to say OPH has been an Abbey Mecca client for just as long. Over the years, unique dishes such as the Dutch Baby, Apple Pancake and Mushroom Omelet have become popular dishes in the Western New York region.

Much has changed in the past 39 years including the media habits of OPH customers.  Loyal customers are turning to social media more and more for news, information and sharing. OPH, working with Abbey Mecca, has also turned to social media to stay connected.

Abbey Mecca also directs Original Pancake House’s community engagement and reputation management efforts – responding and listening to visitor’s comments, recommendations, and reviews to improve the restaurant’s visitor/customer experience and strengthen relationships throughout the community.


It’s not only the delicious flavors that make a meal at OPH unique, but also the presentation of the signature dishes.  Abbey Mecca produced a series of high-quality images of OPH’s most-popular dishes that serve as the key visual element in many content posts.  Having great images to work with in content marketing is critical when producing something that is engaging and memorable.

Email Marketing

Designing and developing content for Original Pancake House’s emails begins with providing users with information that is useful, unlike the hundreds of spam-like emails delivered to our inboxes each day. Whether it’s a holiday greeting, or delicious deal, we develop an unique message for OPH each month.

OPH’s email marketing is designed to boost traffic in all 3 locations through special deals. Additionally, email marketing provides a strong impression rate, presenting opportunities to stay top-of-mind and remind customers that Original Pancake House is always thinking of them.

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Social Media

Abbey Mecca is responsible for developing content for the Original Pancake House’s social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We promote OPH through visually-rich social media posts that focus upon the delicious and visual appealing meals served each day. To ensure the brand’s dynamic presence we interact with visitors daily through comments, likes and sharing reviews – taking the appropriate steps to connect and build relationships with visitors.
social media


social media content

As many of us know, restaurants live and breathe through customer interaction. Social media provides customers with digital channels to engage with businesses – this is why social media is critical for a customer-driven business such as a restaurant. Complimenting a positive visitor experience with a dynamic social media presence strengthens the brand and boosts business.

We also gather customer insight through comments, messages and posts to build a better experience for the restaurant’s visitors.

Since April 2016, Original Pancake House’s Facebook post engagement has increased more than 100%, post reach has increased 120% and page likes increased 20%.

About The Original Pancake House

Since 1977, the Original Pancake House has served Western New York with an incredible menu of unique, signature dishes. The great taste of the Original Pancake House restaurants of Western New York starts with the finest, freshest ingredients available, while our loyal following is formed by our staff who interact with our visitors each day


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