RampUp 19 Conference

By January 22, 2020 Uncategorized

The Abbey Mecca team embarked a day trip to New York City on Wednesday, September 19th for RampUp 19 Digital Marketing Conference hosted by LiveRamp.  LiveRamp, based out of San Francisco, provides sophisticated data services for accessibility, identity, connectivity and data steward to connect clients to data and applications. 

5:20am | BUF > JFK 


We began the day boarding a 5:20am JetBlue flight from Buffalo to JFK landing in New York City just as the sun was rising.  After navigating through busy rush hour traffic, we arrived at the famous Plaza Hotel. The Plaza as one of the main locations in the hit movie Home Alone 2!  After registration and a quick stop at the LiveRamp store for complimentary swag bag filled with Ramp Up gear and made our way into one of the ornate ballrooms for breakfast, networking and to look over the conference agenda. 

9:00am | LiveRamp 19 


The conference opened in the main ballroom with a welcome from LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe.  The early presentations and panel discussions focused around Transforming Customer Expectations and Brand Building in a Data-Driven Age leaving most in attendance to ponder such questions as: What metrics matter most? and What’s the reward factor besides revenue? Guests included Brigitte King, executive from Calvin Klein, and Giusy Buonfantino, CMO of Kimberly-Clark.

10:00am | Break-Out Sessions 

Moving on to the break-out sessions for the morning, we selected from topics including: Mastering the New Media Landscape, Getting Creative with Data, and the Fourth Wave of Privacy Regulation.

Many topics were covered but four key take-aways stood out: 

  1. Find your customers
  2. Gain consent
  3. Engage your consumers
  4. Build trust

Other topics included Reestablishing the Publisher-Advertiser Relationship, Lead with Creativity Execute with Technology and Embrace the New World of TV Ads and Data. 

1:15pm | Afternoon Break-Outs 

After a satisfying lunch, afternoon break-out sessions began. One speaker, Walter Geer of TBWA/WORLDHEALTH stuck out not only for his excessive use of the f-word during his presentation, but for his creativity and passion for his craft. His style and and presentation on Harnessing the Power of Data & Creativity engaged the audience and even featured a video of his child enjoying a roller coaster ride in Disney World.   He highlighted work for Adidas, The GreenLight Run, that demonstrated how data and creative thinking helped city runners follow a route that let them continue running and not have to stop for any red lights. The idea and video was part of the grand opening promotion of the new Harajuku Adidas Store in Tokyo. Watch the video here. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1FOg-KHP28)

4:05pm | Closing  Keynote 

The formal presentations came to a close with an address by Alex Blumberg from Gimlet Media who spoke about The Mechanics of Effective Storytelling. The dominant sub-text of the event was the incredible importance of blending an effective digital strategy with creativity to make the most of marketing dollars.

4:30pm | Time Square 


We couldn’t leave New York without a quick walk through Time Square on our way to Penn Station.

7:20pm | JFK > BUF 

RampUp 19 was a great experience not only to travel to New York City, but to hear from some of the industry’s top executives and companies on the newest trends in digital and contextual marketing.  Take a look at our social media to see photos from the day and for more information visit http://liveramp.com