Non Profits Harness The Power of Storytelling Through Video

Non profits powered by storytelling

Non profits play important roles within our communities, and to make our communities better, they must rely on financial support from the communities they serve. Unlike for profit entities, that typically have the financial resources to accomplish organizational goals, non profit organizations are faced with unique circumstances to build awareness and raise money. This is when non profits can turn to the power of storytelling.

Movies, books and folklore, stories can be found in every culture; one of the few constants remaining across society is our affinity for storytellers. Non profits can harness this power by understanding that a great story is told well, has a humanistic focus, evokes emotion, and ultimately provides clarity on a relevant matter. We recently had the privilege of creating compelling stories through video for non profit clients.

Boy Scouts of America – Greater Niagara Frontier Council

Serving more than 7,000 youth in Erie and Niagara Counties each year, the Greater Niagara Frontier Council Boy Scouts of America’s impact is evident within the families involved. As a non profit, the GNFC instills values in youth who will ultimately go on and make a positive difference in their communities. Explaining what it’s like to be a Boy Scout was an important way to provide insight into the programs and benefits of participating in the organization. The video shares the stories of GNFC leaders and current scouts, and the significant role Boy Scouts of America has in their lives.

Explore & More Children’s Museum

Explore & More began in the basement of a school. More than 20 years later, the children’s museum has broken ground on a new building located in downtown Buffalo. Over the span of those two decades, Explore & More has undergone a major transformation while providing hundreds of thousands of families a place where children can learn, grow and explore. As an organization overflowing with stories, the Explore & More staff was eager to create a video explaining the museum’s impact on the children and families who walk through its doors.

While visiting Explore & More, children unleash their imagination in a play-based learning environment, the very reason why Explore & More was founded. Through storytelling, more specifically video, Explore & More was able to reach its stakeholders in an intimate way.