Meet Design Intern Aaron Clift

By January 22, 2020 Internships

Hey! I’m Aaron, a Junior at Canisius College studying Digital Media Arts. I’ll be a Graphic Design Intern at Abbey Mecca for my Spring 2020 semester. I’m hoping to build out my portfolio, get more hands-on experience, and develop my creative process while I’m here.

Here are some fun facts about me:
1) I’ve been playing trumpet for 7 years. Currently, I play in my college’s Pep Band and I’m a sub for a big band called Nickel City Jazz.
2) My favorite genres of video games are JRPGs and Rhythm games, but I can’t pick a number 1 favorite game.
3) I’m a big foodie, Buffalo is like a paradise for me. Some of my favorite places are Sato, Hertel Poutine and Cream, and the various stalls at West Side Bazaar.
4) My music tastes are very diverse, you can find me listening to Jazz one moment and Japanese metal the next
5) My initials are ABC, I don’t think anyone realized until the name was already picked though.