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Recently, our brand strategy and creative teams had the privilege of tackling an exciting brand development project for a new business. The assignment was a “ground-up” project, meaning our work included everything from brand strategy, name, logo and visual identity, corporate identity, to website design.

The Backstory

A client was building a next-generation technology services company specializing in developing solutions in Data & Artificial Intelligence (“Data/AI”), Engineering R&D (“ER&D”) services and Digital Product Engineering Services (“PES”). This new company was to be formed through the partnership and simultaneous combination of Wavelabs Technologies and West Agile Labs – both well-establish companies with strong complimenting capabilities.

Wavelabs has been a front-runner in providing Engineering R&D services and solutions since 2015. Wavelabs positions itself as an AI-first technology services company driving digital, cognitive & industry 4.0 transformations. It was built to support organic and inorganic growth to deliver cutting-edge products and solutions at the intersection of physical, digital, connected, intelligent and autonomous.

Founded in 2012, West Agile is a digital product engineering firm that provides consultative solutions, product architecture, UI/UX design, application development, quality assurance solutions & DevOps. West Agile’s services enable rapid digital product development within an enterprise as well as SaaS product and platform development.

The Abbey Mecca team needed to find a way to bring together the best of both brands into a new brand strategy and set of core values that were relevant to customers and employees. Dubbed project “NewCo,” the team used our Ignite Branding Model to engage members of a client working group to envision the NewCo brand.

Project deliverables included: 1) Brand Strategy, Attributes and Core Values; 2) Brand name and positioning; 3) Visual identity – logo and corporate identity; 4) Company website design.

The Name

Naming a new entity is one of the most challenging aspects of brand development. It involves not only finding a name that is unique and memorable, but also one that captures the essence and values of the company. For NewCo, the core values were established as: innovative problem solvers, transformational, agile, accelerators, trusted partners, and design driven.

After establishing a solid brand strategy and meaningful core values, we set our sights on establishing a unique and memorable name for the new company.  We pursued a number of paths and developed many good options. Ultimately, the key decision point (one that applies to any naming strategy) came down to the availability of the domain name consistent with the brand name.  After much creative debate and input from the client work group, we arrived at VELTRIS.  This name checked many boxes – it was unique, sounded powerful, and communicated forward momentum – all characteristics consistent with the brand strategy and desired perception.

The name “VELTRIS” was created from a fusion of “velocity” and “trust,” two foundation attributes for the brand. The tagline of Innovate, Accelerate, and Transform, reinforces the mission and the promise made to partners that VELTRIS will innovate, accelerate, and transform their business.



The new VELTRIS icon is a fusion of “V” and “T”, symbolizing forward motion – always propelling you forward. Complimented with a modern and precise word mark, the VELTRIS logo is set in dark blue a color chosen to communicate stability and trust.

The Visual and Corporate Identity established a clean, modern and sophisticated look and feel for the brand aligned with the brand attributes and desired perception.

VELTRIS Stationary


Website & Launch

In preparation for the launch of VELTRIS on October 4, 2023, Abbey Mecca worked with the VELTRIS team in the design of the company website and production of an announcement video introducing the company. The VELTRIS website and announcement video can be viewed here.

VELTRIS is actively engaged in diverse industries including BFSI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality, Retail, Hi Tech, and Communications.They specialize in assisting these organizations in the creation of cutting-edge digital platforms and products that converge the realms of physical, digital, connected, intelligent, and autonomous technologies.

“Our team is extremely proud of the work on VELTRIS and we congratulate the teams at Trive and BayLink on the launch of the exciting new company.” commented Dan Mecca, President and Managing Creative Director for Abbey Mecca.

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