Game of Thrones Conquered the Marketing World

By July 25, 2017 Digital Marketing

HBO-exclusive Game of Thrones, captured the imagination and attention of millions across the world, and with its recent season 7 marketing push, the TV-series reached uncharted viewership numbers. How did HBO produce one the most highly-anticipated shows of all time? Game of Thrones conquered the marketing world.

In a sea of endless content, HBO’s digital marketing campaign made it nearly impossible to avoid the wrath of Game of Thrones – it was ‘top of mind’ taken to the next level. GoT related content – including “leaks” on blogging sites, winter-walker fighting snapchat filters, and an impressive brand activation– are just a few examples of dynamic content created by HBO to engage its global audience. The content was well thought out and consequently, their audience received the type of content they were looking for.

Adding fuel to the GoT promotional fire, it seemed that every brand that could leverage the buzz about Game of Thrones did so. More specifically, NFL teams and retail giants expressed their eagerness to enter the Game of Thrones marketing kingdom with Game of Throne promotions and content of their own. Major League Baseball even partnered with HBO to incorporate a league-wide ‘Game of Thrones’ night last month!

From HBO’s point of view, the long list of brands pushing to capitalize on the TV drama’s season premier was a public relations success story in its own right. The numbers were incredible; season 7 viewership shattered records in route to claiming its place as the king of the summer TV series and the most watched series in HBO history. HBO is already looking to building off this momentum with GoT spinoffs.

At any rate, Game of Thrones’ marketing strategy is a great example of how the marketing world is a two-way street. Millions of fans around the globe gathered in front of devices (no longer just television screens) in anticipation of HBO’s hit series. However, before millions watched the season 7 premier, they were scrambling the internet for show leaks and trailers, enjoying white-walker invasions, and posing for their best GoT snapchat filter selfies. It was about the experience the audience had while interacting with the content, and it serves as proof that engaging content will continue to resonate with audiences.