Digital Marketing Case Study – ACSI Website Development

By March 3, 2019 Case Study

One of the most rewarding aspects of the agency business is the opportunity to work with a variety of businesses – each with unique marketing challenges.  This requires our team to be fast learners, good listeners and to ask many questions as we learn our clients’ businesses and help them develop solutions. 

One notable example that demonstrates this need to understand a client’s business and marketing challenge prior to implementing a solution is a recent website project for Actuarial Consulting Services Inc. (ACSI).

Mark Brand, President Actuarial Consulting Services, Inc.

Mark Brand, (great last name Mark – you should be in our line of work!) is owner and president of ACSI.  His company is a service provider for defined contribution (including 401k and 403b) retirement plans and defined benefit pension plans. ACSI’s retirement plan services include record keeping and plan administration (“TPA services”), actuarial valuations and studies, and consulting.

ACSI is an independent TPA, meaning they work with financial representatives and investment companies when third party administration is an option. ACSI performs the work and provides the advice necessary for the client’s plan to be in compliance with Internal Revenue Code and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requirements.

Mark has built a great company with a strong reputation among accounting, legal and financial professionals, and many are the source of referrals for ACSI business. Most participants of the defined contribution plans will never contact ACSI – they operate as a back-office for their clients.  The ACSI target audience includes financial planners, accounting professionals and lawyers that help business owners establish and manage retirement plans.  In 2018, ACSI saw a need to establish a website that would provide a professional point of presence on the Internet for the company. “We heard from clients and potential clients that they could not find our website – because we did not have one.” comments Brand. “They were’t shopping for firms like ours, they simply were trying to confirm our existence and that we were a reputable operation.  The website was a critical point of reference for potential clients when vetting our company and confirming expectations.”

Abbey Mecca began the project with a digital marketing review (DMR) – an agency process designed to provide an analysis of the primary digital marketing communications in use by an organization. Since ACSI did not have a website, we focused on competitor website.  This helped us to also understand how competitors were positioned and reveal opportunities for search engines optimization.

Once we knew what were up against, we sat with the client and learned more about the vision for the site and how it would be used.  This along with the DMR provided the basis for developing the site UI and content outline.  For ACSI, we developed a number of UI design concepts along with initial site content.  After a few rounds of revisions, we settled on a look and navigation as well as base copy.  

Moving into production, we completed page build-out, photography that was necessary, and finalized copy.  The project moved swiftly through development and testing and went live in the fourth quarter of 2018. Built on a secure WordPress platform, content updates are an efficient task for ACSI that keeps site content fresh and relevant.“It is very fulfilling to have a website that reflects our brand, our culture, our company and that helps build our brand.” added Brand.

The ACSI website was created in collaboration with ACSI leadership with the objective of establishing an effective web presence that would function across all browsers and screen resolutions. The website was built and composed on a secured WordPress platform and allows the team to login and make necessary website changes and updates. Abbey Mecca provided creative concept development, UI design, WordPress development, copywriting, digital photography and secure site hosting for ACSI.

More information on ACSI and the services they offer is available at