Q & A: What’s The Deal With Content Marketing?

By June 20, 2016 Digital Marketing
Content Marketing Q&A

Content marketing is growing at a rapid rate, and so are questions about it. Abbey Mecca & Co. took time out to give insight and answers to questions about it.

“Is Content Marketing worth it?”

Yes, it is. Successful organizations have mastered two things: storytelling and building relationships. Content marketing allows brands to tell stories in a way that consumers feel a connection to an organization. Creating organic content will save organizations money, while effectively marketing their brand.

“Is it true that Content Marketing improves my company’s SEO?”

This is also true, producing branded content that fits your organization will build your website’s search engine optimization. Improving your search engine optimization process will increase traffic to your website, thus increasing potential leads.

“Is it true that I only need to write blogs to be effective at content marketing?”

This is false, there is more to content marketing than just writing blogs. Captivating audiences with visual information such as videos, pictures and infographics are also important. We are dynamic in nature, a strategic mix of blogging, videos and other visual mediums help strengthen your company’s content strategy.

“I’ve heard that Content Marketing doesn’t work for certain industries”

That is not true, content marketing works in any industry. The effectiveness of the content is related to the quality of content that is being created and shared with others. No one ever said creating content would be easy, but it is certainly rewarding.

“My company doesn’t need to produce content to be successful”

That is false, as mentioned earlier, content comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and mediums. Web releases, video, pictures and interviews are all forms of content. Producing content gives consumers insight, and ultimately build a relationship with your company, and customer retention is extremely important.


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