Marking a milestone

By January 16, 2019 History

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year at Abbey Mecca & Co., Inc. for a variety of reasons;
most notably because the agency is planning a year long celebration to mark 50 years in business.

It’s difficult to believe that 50 years have passed since C. Robert Abbey and Nicholas D. Mecca established an advertising agency with just a small group of clients and an expansive, ambitious vision for the firm. That first year, revenues were just north of $150,000 and net profit, a mere $2,500.

From left: Agency Founders C. Robert Abbey and Nicholas D. Mecca

Some of our earliest clients included Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Original Pancake House, the American Cancer Society of Erie County, the Heart Assn. of WNY, Custom Food Management Services, Serv-O-Matic Vending, Ruby Red’s, and Curtis Screw Company. The hours were long … money short, but the work and creative energy were exciting and rewarding.

49 Court Street, Buffalo, NY

In the formative years, operating from a small office in the former Walbridge Building at 49 Court Street, Bob and Nick steadily expanded the business client by client – always with a focus on building the client’s brand. Bob Abbey firmly believed that, “Every brand has a story; Abbey Mecca’s job is to tell that story in unique and memorable ways.” This axiom holds true today.

What Bob brought to the agency in terms of public and media relations, Nick matched with skill in ad strategy and creativity.  Understanding the importance of emotional selling before it was a buzzword.  Nick would remind staff and clients that, “The greatest threat to your brand is not your competition. The greatest threat is customer indifference.” Together these principles espoused by Bob and Nick continue to be the agency’s guiding philosophy.

In the ensuing years the agency’s account portfolio ebbed and flowed.  The challenges were many but the agency faced the headwinds with creativity, professionalism and an unstoppable work ethic.  Reaching this important milestone … the 50th anniversary would have been impossible without the dedication of our loyal associates, vendors and most assuredly, of course our clients – past and current. Throughout this year, we plan to recognize and thank all those who have played such an important part in our story.

In looking back, we will celebrate great people, great clients, great brands, great work and great outcomes. As we move into the next 50 years we look forward to on-going collaborations with current clients  and to establishing new client relationships.  We are excited and eager to share our vision for the next 50 years at Abbey Mecca & Company, Inc.. Most importantly, we celebrate and thank all those who have helped to make Abbey, Mecca & Co, Inc. a continuing reality.