Building BRANDS is a contact sport… where the winner takes all.

Most ad agencies play it safe. We play for keeps. We increase brand value with winning strategies and expert execution. Our team brings talent, skill, intelligence and hard work to every brand we touch.

Our Branding Capabilities Include:

Strategy & Positioning

Market Research

Logo and Trademark Design


Environmental Branding

Activation Campaigns

your brand.

Our Ignite Branding Model creates a long-term competitive advantage and a foundation for effective marketing campaigns. The ignite branding model uncovers the core attributes of a brand, identifies the emotional and cultural qualities of the brand and more importantly, the relevant connection points with stakeholders.


Find Clarity and Direction

Envisioning identifies the destination for the brand. It finds clarity and direction and core attributes. Input from the key decision makers is used to determine the desired attributes and positioning of the brand.


Understand the Reality

We take a 360 view of the market, the level of brand awareness and understand to determine the most effective message(s) and communication strategy and channels. Using market research, interviews, collateral audits, competitive audits and media audits, we are able to develop a current perception of a brand and compare it with the desired perception from Envisioning. The gap between desired perception and the current perception guides the creative and positioning strategy we create.


Creating Differentiation and Relevance

A winning brand strategy requires differentiation and relevance. It must align expectations behind the brand promise and positions the brand as special and unique. It creates a high degree of relevance with the target audience and forges an emotional connection between brand and user.

With the completion of the brand evaluation, we possess the information necessary to fully develop the brand strategy, brand design and creative strategy. This is when we create the “look and feel” and give the brand the voice or tone that that will be found in all marketing communications.


Building awareness and understanding. Creative, advertising, public relations, and web strategies are planned and executed across a timeline and budget based on objectives established in early phases of the ignite process.



Using established benchmarks, we measure progress and results of the marketing effort. In collaboration with clients, we look at key performance indicators and make necessary adjustment.


Branding is not a project. It is an ongoing process. Markets change. Competitors changes. Technology changes. Understanding this, we work with client to continuously improve and keep their brand relevant.