Branding is More Powerful than You Think

By April 15, 2016 April 25th, 2016 Branding

The golden arch, the picture of the apple, the shoosh and check.

These images are synonymous with McDonalds, Macintosh and Nike, respectively, but you knew that already.

This is the power of branding. In order to be effective, a company must align its branding with its mission and purpose.

Creating an image, logo or saying is just the first step. Following through with a story ultimately brings a company’s branding full-circle. As we travel, we encounter signs, tag lines and logos-all designed to capture our attention and tell a company’s story.

So, how do brands disrupt an environment that feeds us constant information?

Branding. It gives a company the power to tell a story in order to captivate an audience. The ‘love’ in McDonalds’ “I’m lovin’ it” drives consumers into its restaurants, while the Nike swoosh and athlete endorsements instill “greatness” in consumers, thus guiding millions to purchase Nike’s products.

An article in Warc, covers how Coke is gravitating towards a “master brand’ strategy to adapt to the wants and needs of consumers. In the past, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life were seen as four entities with vastly different marketing voices. Dan White, President/McDonald’s Division North America at The Coca-Cola Co, praised the “Taste the Feeling” campaign as a step in a direction where the Coke brand takes on a more integrated approach. This newly founded approach gives the company the opportunity to improve branding efforts and market an overarching story to its consumers.

Another branding story is focused around a local university that has gone through three rebranding campaigns in the past decade. The State University of New York at Buffalo, known as UB, went through a rigorous athletics rebranding campaign under former Athletic Director, Danny White-shifting the focus of the Division-1 University’s marketing on the city of Buffalo to the State of New York. The campaign known as the New York Bulls Initiative drove efforts to brand UB’s Athletics as New York’s flagship institution on a national stage. The branding efforts took off while UB Athletics captured a handful of conference titles and produced a NCAA Champion, but the lack of emphasis on Buffalo, in the new logo and in marketing efforts, did not go over well with the local community.


With that being said, UB recently unveiled its newest branding efforts, this time taking a holistic approach as a university.

By emphasizing the city of Buffalo in its logos once again, the University realigns with local pride. However, the University also understands how successful the New York Bulls Initiative branding efforts were, that is why UB’s newest tagline is “New York’s Public Powerhouse”. Allen Greene, the new Athletic Director at UB stated “UB Athletics’ refreshed identity helps to further amplify that message and builds on our successful efforts to promote UB’s academic stature across the state and nationwide — a message with strong appeal to the coaches, staff and student-athletes we recruit.”

With a student body of more than 30,000, an alumni network 243,000 strong, and $2.18 Billion economic impact in Western New York, UB has sharpened its branding in order to take the University and City of Buffalo to the next level. 

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