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In December 2021, Sean Donovan responded to our help wanted ad for a Video Producer.  Wow, did we luck out!  Sean officially joined the agency in January 2022 and has brought our digital video capabilities to a whole new level. A recent graduate of Le Moyne College with a bachelors degree in Communications and a minor in Business Administration, Sean brings years of video production and post-production experience as well as creative vision to Abbey Mecca. The growth in the areas of website development and content marketing at Abbey Mecca created the need to bring in a video producer, as video content is now a critical part of the marketing mix.

“Having someone on our team that is dedicated to video creation has opened  up many opportunities for the agency and our clients to tell compelling stories through video.” commented Dan Mecca, President of Abbey Mecca. “Sean’s talent and experience is an incredible asset to us. His collaboration with our team of creative professionals is producing great results.” 

Since Sean joined Abbey Mecca, the agency has completed or has projects in production for a dozen clients with other video projects in development. View some of Sean’s recent work here.

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