5 P’s to Successful Content Marketing

By June 7, 2016 Digital Marketing

Creating content can be time consuming and challenging, but creating content to benefit your business is mandatory in today’s world. Consumers are constantly looking for content to engage with, and valuable information to help them make better informed decisions. While taking your journey through content marketing, regardless of the industry, just remember the five P’s of successful content marketing.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and chances are, your business or organization wasn’t either. As a business owner or executive, you want to see metrics sky-rocket and traffic pick up the moment you post your first blog, picture or social media post. While these outcomes rarely happen overnight, with patience, your content will evolve, grow, and ultimately drive customers into your place of business!


If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. In content marketing, there is no such thing as “failure”, only lessons to learn from. A blog post didn’t gain the traction you thought it would or consumer engagement missed your projected mark? No worries, take a deep breath and take a different approach to delivering that same content a couple of weeks down the road.  


A reason why your content did not pick up the traffic you wanted could be associated with your planning process. If you are a restaurant and you create content for your world famous soups – and it’s the middle of August, chances are it might not be relevant information that your audience finds helpful in their search for the best desserts in the summer. Be sure to build a monthly content marketing calendar that you can plan out in advance and provide the proper content, at the appropriate times, so that your audience finds value in your content marketing efforts.


Even the best content needs to be promoted. You’ve created amazing content, now it’s time to share it with the world! Be sure to share your content with your social media audience-the instantaneous nature of social media allows consumers to interact with very little effort. Also, upload your content to the landing page of your website or develop a blog site that aligns with your business’ vision. Promoting new and even recycling your content will continue to place your information in front of an interested audience.


You can be the best writer, photographer or artist in the industry, but if there is no purpose behind the content you are creating, it is a lost cause. Think of the purpose behind your content marketing as your mission statement or voice. It’s the very reason you are generating content to share with others. Whether you are a nonprofit raising awareness about a disease or an entertainment venue looking to increase attendance, it is necessary to have a purpose behind the content you make.

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