Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

By | Branding, Public Relations

Most nonprofits have relatively small marketing budgets compared to their profit-driven counterparts. With that being said, non-profits may lack the ability to fund traditional marketing efforts using print, television and radio advertising. That is where social media and content marketing come in. Connect with Influencers Who is considered an influencer? A person or…

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Advertising during an Olympic Year

By | Advertising

On your marks…get set…spend! Business Insider wrote an article that NBCUniversal has sold more than $1 billion in advertising spots for the Summer Olympics-which start in August. NBCUniversal also announced it is on pace for an all-time advertising sales record. In addition to the increase in brand spending, NBCUniversal is…

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Branding is More Powerful than You Think

By | Branding

The golden arch, the picture of the apple, the shoosh and check. These images are synonymous with McDonalds, Macintosh and Nike, respectively, but you knew that already. This is the power of branding. In order to be effective, a company must align its branding with its mission and purpose. Creating an…

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