Best (and worst) of April Fools Day 2016

By April 6, 2016Advertising

April 1st is a day when shenanigans surround us and we become hesitant to believe even the most logical news. Despite the annual foolish festivities, we continue to fall for a long list of pranks and hoaxes. Check out some of the best and the worst pranks from April 1, 2016:


US Army fools millions into thinking teleportation is now a reality

This branch of the military, known for its discipline, took some time to devise a prank that seemed so real, it included quotes from a handful of scientist who “worked on the project”. Read the release here.

Study by finds ice cream as an intelligence booster

National media outlet,, published an infographic displaying the positive correlation between ice cream consumption and IQ scores. The claim might have broken the hearts of millions, but it will take more than a hoax to curb public ice cream consumption.

Bills’ Safety and Organization trick fans

The Buffalo Bills collaborated with Safety Aaron Williams to announce his transition from defending receivers, to becoming one. The position switch went viral, all so that Williams could reveal the hoax later on twitter.

The organization even wrote an article on his seemingly legitimate position change and major media outlets such as CBS and ESPN covered the deceiving move without realizing it was a prank.


There was a prank was so poorly thought out that we agreed it was more than enough to sit atop this list alone.

Gmail drops the ball with “drop the mic GIF”

Many have heard about the Gmail mishap, which ignited an outrage in the professional world. Writers were punished for missing deadlines and job seekers lost out on positions-all because of a harmless prank. Moral of the story: think about the repercussions before implementing a prank of this magnitude.  









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